Measuring Success

“As architects of schools, we need to have a 2020 Vision. Your client’s and children’s futures depend upon it.”

This was the message from Karl Fisch, Director of Technology at Arapahoe High School in Centennial, Colorado, in an open letter to the architectural and design community entitled: Creating a 2020 Vision for School Design. He goes on to say, “You are tasked with creating buildings that will serve the needs of educators and students far into the future.

But how do you do that when we are in a time of such rapid change? How can you possibly design a building that will meet future needs when those future needs could be so very different from today’s needs? Just like our educators, you need a vision of the future. We can’t change the past - it’s already happened. We can’t even change the present - as the moment passes too quickly. The future is the only thing we can change.”

The challenges and opportunities for lighting design in educational facilities are plentiful. By and large, the majority of existing school buildings in the U.S. were designed according to functional and financial requirements. It was very rare that the lighting held a high priority. Many of these existing educational buildings across the U.S. are in need of lighting systems renovations, to provide teachers and students with an enhanced, stimulating visual environment, and to consume less energy.

In addition, upgraded and new lighting system design must address the needs of present and future trends in teaching and learning styles, and the wide array of electronic technology that has been introduced into the education process. Students are no longer passive consumers of information, but active producers who can add meaning and value to the information. Good lighting design creates a learning environment that encourages students to be “knowledge workers” and interact, not only with each other, but with others in their communities and around the world.

SYLVANIA has the lighting products and control systems to ensure a broad spectrum of lighting quality and color for the best visual conditions. SYLVANIA sales and engineering professionals work with school administrators and planners to assess current lighting systems and specify upgrade and replacement options that will meet budget requirements and today’s increasing demands for sustainability and energy efficiency.