​HMI® UVS Lamps

For over 40 years, OSRAM HMI lamps have been meeting the toughest demands of the film and TV industry. New single-end UV-Stop (Ultra Violet) quartz lamps in the HMI "UVS" family will provide enhanced safety for those on the set. Recognizable by their orange base, HMI UVS lamps block most harmful UV radiation while it simulates the same daylight color temperature which performance customers expect from OSRAM lamps. 

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SIRIUS HRI are compact reflector mercury vapor lamps designed for small and compact moving head fixtures with tight beams used at concerts and large events. SIRIUS HRI lamps have an optimized burner and base for every operating position. They show a very stable light output, as the high luminance decreases only slightly over the entire lifetime of the lamps.

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​HPL Lamps

HPL lamps were originally designed for the Source Four® series of fixtures. The unique top bridgeless construction eliminates filament shadowing, allowing for crisper images than ever before. OSRAM HPL lamps bring increased opportunities for stage, studio, TV, and architectural applications with superior light performance and maximum efficacy.

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​Lok-it® Lamps

Professionals everywhere safely swap sources in seconds with Lok-It lamps from OSRAM. Lok-It lamps offer unparalleled performance in a compact, rugged platform built on PGJX28, PGJX36 PGJX50 or bases. Lok-It lamps have eXtreme Seal (XS) technology allowing 450ºC at the pinch seal. Brightness will “wow” any audience with short arc color temperatures from 5600-8000K. OSRAM offers the most options including Lok-It halogen lamps. Lamp replacement has never been easier with best-in-class OSRAM Lok-It lamps.

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The Display/Optic global operating division manufactures LED light sources and luminaires for the entertainment and architectural industries. For these markets the LED products are marketed under the “KREIOS” family brand name. The KREIOS LED product family helps OEMs and

end users meet the diverse and dynamic requirements of the industry, while providing the benefits of increased energy efficiency and lower operating cost. Our long-time presence and extensive knowledge of these markets, combined with proven expertise in LED technology, allow OSRAM to create unique solutions of the highest value.

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OSRAM aluPAR® Lamp​

OSRAM aluPAR lamps are used to provide bright spot and wash lights during live stage performances. They are also ideal for studio, film, club, and architectural.

Unlike traditional PAR lamps, the reflector in aluPAR lamps is constructed out of aluminum instead of aluminized glass making them up to 50% lighter in weight. This makes for easer handling and lowers transportation costs.

In addition, aluPAR is an ECOLOGIC product, which indicates that it is environmentall preferable. ECOLOGIC products are engineered to pass the Federal TCLP (Toxic Characteristic Leaching Procedure) test for hazardous waste determination. At the end of life, the glass and aluminum are recyclable.

The aluPAR series of lamps work nicely with the OSRAM PAR-1 socket, making this the perfect system solution.

Current types available are:


Metal Halide Discharge Lamps

OSRAM HTI®, HSR® and HSD® short arc metal halide lamps are ready to meet the demands of any stage, architectural or event application. The lamps are available in various configurations, each of which offers high lumen output in combination with crisp daylight color temperatures in the range of 5600 to 7800K.

For entertainment and stage applications such as those involving automated fixtures, HTI and HSR lamps offer an excellent balance of color performance, lumen output and service life. HTI lamp configurations include highly compact single-ended and focusing-reflector models. Single-ended HSR lamps feature an outer jacket for ease of handling and extended service life. HSD lamps are ideal for large scale architectural applications where both maximum output and long service life are important. HSD lamps are single-ended, with an outer jacket for ease of handling.

OSRAM HMI® metal halide lamps are used for film, TV and still photography.  HMI lamps are the professional’s choice for exterior and interior lighting simulating daylight color temperature of 6000K.  In 1987 an OSCAR was awarded in the technical achievement category for the invention and continuous improvement of OSRAM HMI technology.


Halogen Lamps

OSRAM makes a wide variety of halogen lamps for use in film, TV, stage, photography, concerts, nightclubs, exhibition and architectural as well as in virtually all types of projection systems.

Most OSRAM halogen lamps employ a biplane filament design for optimum light output, but special purpose lamps are available with u-shaped, bridge or axial filament designs. OSRAM gives entertainment professionals a choice of halogen color temperatures: 3400K for maximum light output, 3200K for film and TV work, and 3000K or 2900K for extended lamp life.

Special OSRAM XENOPHOT™ lamps use xenon in place of krypton as a fill gas for increased light output. OSRAM halogen lamps are available in a range of wattages, voltages and configurations both with and without reflectors and most versions are completely dimmable. OSRAM HPL* ULTRA PLUS (UCF) high performance ultra compact segmented filament lamps are designed for stage, studio and architectural applications.

Lamps have been engineered for maximum efficacy in ETC “Source Four”** series spotlight fixtures and provide up to 40 percent more light output in ETC fixtures than traditional 1000W halogen sources. Long Life (X) types with up to 2000 hours average rated life reduce change-outs during continuous performances.


*HPL series lamps licensed by ETC, Inc. Patent No. 5,268,613
**Source Four manufactured by ETC, Inc.