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​HMI® Lamps

For over 40 years, OSRAM HMI lamps have been meeting the toughest demands of the film and TV industry. Director Series technology enhancements have provided improved durability and longer life to the high watt lamp offering. Most recently OSRAM has added UV-Stop (UVS) technology. The single-end HMI UVS lamps provide enhanced safety for those on the set. Recognized by their orange bases, HMI UVS lamps block most of the harmful UV radiation, while providing the same light quality and performance expected from OSRAM HMI lamps. 

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SIRIUS HRI are compact reflector mercury vapor lamps designed for small and compact moving head fixtures with tight beams used at concerts and large events. SIRIUS HRI lamps have an optimized burner and base for every operating position. They show a very stable light output, as the high luminance decreases only slightly over the entire lifetime of the lamps.

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​HPL Lamps

HPL lamps were originally designed for the Source Four® series of fixtures. The unique top bridgeless construction eliminates filament shadowing, allowing for crisper images than ever before. OSRAM HPL lamps bring increased opportunities for stage, studio, TV, and architectural applications with superior light performance and maximum efficacy.

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​Lok-it® Lamps

Professionals everywhere safely swap sources in seconds with Lok-It lamps from OSRAM. Lok-It lamps offer unparalleled performance in a compact, rugged platform built on PGJX28, PGJX36 PGJX50 or bases. Lok-It lamps have eXtreme Seal (XS) technology allowing 450ºC at the pinch seal. Brightness will “wow” any audience with short arc color temperatures from 5600-8000K. OSRAM offers the most options including Lok-It halogen lamps. Lamp replacement has never been easier with best-in-class OSRAM Lok-It lamps.

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The Display/Optic global operating division manufactures LED light sources and luminaires for the entertainment and architectural industries. For these markets the LED products are marketed under the “KREIOS” family brand name. The KREIOS LED product family helps OEMs and

end users meet the diverse and dynamic requirements of the industry, while providing the benefits of increased energy efficiency and lower operating cost. Our long-time presence and extensive knowledge of these markets, combined with proven expertise in LED technology, allow OSRAM to create unique solutions of the highest value.

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