SYLVANIA Smart Home Kitchen SYLVANIA Smart Home Kitchen

Control Your Lights with Siri and Apple HomeKit.

A simple, customizable lighting experience. 

With our hub free, HomeKit-enabled lights and accessories, you can easily
and securely control your lighting experience using Siri on your Apple device.

Convenient & Inspirational Light in your Kitchen.

Make your kitchen more inviting with the right light.

Change the way you work in the kitchen with variety of smart home lighting products.


SYLVANIA Smart Home Living Room SYLVANIA 

Smart Home Office

Relaxing Light in your Living Room.

Sit down, relax, and set your lights to the mood.
Whether you’re watching TV or having guests over for some fun,
adjust your smart lights to set the mood.

Productive Light in your Home Office.

Use smart ligting to work more productive in your home office.
Optimize your home  office by adjusting the color temperature
to help concentrate.

SYLVANIA Smart Home Outdoors


Safe, Fun & Decorative Light Outdoors.

Create a colorful light scene in your front or back yard.
Our outdoor lighting is wet-rated for use outside, allowing you to get
creative with your outdoor space.

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