Process Heaters for Air and Gases 
Process Heaters for
Air and Gases

SYLVANIA's electric process air heaters and heat guns are used in a variety of industrial applications such as packaging, drying, and sealing.

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​Process Air Heaters
Serpentine II, VI Triple Pass Heaters


Triple-pass exchanger housing

Data Sheet

Operating Manual

Max kW:

2 - 8

Max Air Temp:

1500°F (815°C)

Max Air Pressure:

25 PSI
(1.7 Bar)

Max Voltage/Phase:



  • Air temperature controllable to 1500°F (815°C)

  • Serpentine II to 3.6kW

  • Serpentine VI to 8.0kW

  • Triple Pass Heat Exchanger uses incoming air to cool outer shell

  • Maximum air pressure 25 psi (1.7 bar)

  • Replaceable element assemblies

  • Recommended minimum airfl ow 60 SCFH

  • RoHS compliant