OSRAM SIRIUS HRI® are bright, high performing compact discharge lamps designed to deliver spectacular light effects in small, lightweight moving head fixtures. As the designed in lamp for many major moving head manufacturers, the SIRIUS HRI provides exceptional brightness and beam control with long average lifetimes (3,000 hours for 190W+).

The SIRIUS HRI lamps are available in 132W, 140W, 5R 190W+, 230W, 280W, and 330W, and can be purchased as replacement lamps or as a complete system including the power supply for OEM development.

Features and Benefits:

  • Lightweight and compact reflector lamps with ECG

  • High luminance through very short arc and high pressure 

  • Produces brilliant light effects

  • Long lifetime

  • Easy lamp replacement 

  • Stable light ouput over the entire lifetime

  • Approved by leading moving light fixture companies


SIRIUS HRI lamps are specified in many moving heads to include:
Fixture Manufacturer Fixture Model​ ​OSRAM Lamp
​CHAUVET® Lighting ​Rogue™ R1 Beam ​SIRUIS HRI 132W
CHAUVET®​ Lighting ​Rogue™ R2 Beam ​SIRIUS HRI 230W
​CHAUVET® Lighting ​Legend™ 230SR Beam ​SIRIUS HRI 230W
CHAUVET®​ Lighting ​Legend™ 330SR Beam ​SIRIUS HRI 330W X8
Clay Paky ​Sharpy ​SIRIUS HRI 5R 190W+
Coemar​ ​Infinity ACL XS ​SIRIUS HRI 330W
​PR Lighting ​XR 230 SPOT ​SIRIUS HRI 230W
PR Lighting ​XR 330 SPOT ​SIRIUS HRI 330W
​Robe ​ROBIN® Pointe® ​SIRIUS HRI 280W RO
​Robe ​ROBIN® miniPointe® ​SIRIUS HRI 140W RO


  • Live and televised events and stage performances



Images courtesy of CHAUVET® Professional











*Please be advised that the SIRIUS HRI 190W+ lamp has been renamed to SIRIUS HRI 5R 190+ (Product Number 54402)