OSRAM Display/Optic Specialty Lighting
​Display/Optic Specialty Lighting
Display/Optic Discharge

OSRAM Display/Optic Discharge Lamps comprise of high pressure metal halide (HTI®, HMI®,HMP®, HSD®, HSR®, EMH®, SIRIUS HRI®) for entertainment, film & television production, light guide, effect, & architectural applications; XBO® Xenon (<450W) for medical & scientific applications; XBO (>450W) for cinema digital and film projection; HBO® mercury (<250W) for medical & UV curing; HBO (>250W) for semiconductor (microlithography); VIP® metal halide & super high pressure for video projection; Spectral lamps for spectroscopy; XERADEX® Excimer lamps for VUV (l=172nm) radiation.