OSRAM Display/Optic Specialty Lighting
Display/Optic Specialty Lighting
Display/Optic LED Solutions

​LEDs are solid state light sources delivering light in a single narrow spectrum or in case of white light in a broad spectrum. The  solutions based on LED technology offer various advantages depending on the application. LEDs use low voltage, making their design simple, flexible and efficient. Low power consumption, long life and environmentally friendly compact form factors allow LEDs to be designed into endless lighting applications.

OSRAM Display/Optic offers LED modules, LED image projectors and LED systems under the following family names:

KREIOS for LED Entertainment ProductsITOS for LED Airfield ProductsRLD6 LED Recessed Downlight FixtureZELION for LED Airfield Products

OSRAM Display/Optic also offers the RLD6 LED Recessed Downlight. The RLD6 is a six-inch LED architectural downlight, which boasts high performance and is designed for new construction or major renovations. The RLD6 provides an LED alternative for CFL, halogen, and ceramic metal halide with aesthetically pleasing light quality, glare-free optics and a 46° cutoff angle creating a near "silent" ceiling. The RLD6 uses OSRAM OPTOTRONIC® universal power supplies and is dimmable down to 1% providing energy savings for a variety of applications, including commercial, office, healthcare, and hospitality.

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