• Backlighting of advertising panels
  • Box signs
  • Channel letters
  • Reverse halo signs
HF2Chain X3 LED Lighting System
Advanced LED Modules for Signage

OSRAM SYLVANIA is proud to introduce the HF2Chain X3 LED Lighting System: Advanced LED Modules for Signage. Ingeniously designed and rigorously tested to OSRAM SYLVANIA’s highest standards, this robust and versatile LED Lighting System is optimized for use in all types of Signage applications including channel letters and halo letters, to box signs of all shapes and sizes, providing superior performance over other alternatives.

Each 100 foot long HF2Chain X3 is packaged on a space-and-waste-saving reel for easy stock keeping and transportation. The 200 module chain is ideal for all Signage jobs and can be cut between every module to fine tune light output.

Available in two versions, the HF2Chain X3-L180 is a high power, high brightness version designed for large and deep signs, the HF2Chain X3-L120 provides a lower intensity for smaller signs and energy savings. Each 12 Volt module is protected from dust, moisture and impact by a specialized IP66 enclosure.

The integrated batwing-style lens produces a broad beam distribution, making hot spots at the sign face a thing of the past. Mounting is fast, safe and simple with peel and stick tape and a pre-molded screw hole. The HF2Chain X3 LED Lighting System is truly the best and most advanced Signage system in its class.