OSRAM ITOS® LED Solutions for Medical Applications
High performance and energy efficient

Industry-Leading LED Solutions for Medical Applications

The Display/Optic global operating division manufactures LED light sources and solutions for the medical industry.  These LED products are marketed under the “ITOS” brand name. The ITOS LED product family helps OEMs and end users meet the diverse and demanding requirements of the industry, while providing the benefits of increased energy efficiency and lower operating cost. With our extensive knowledge of the medical markets, combined with proven expertise in LED technology, OSRAM is able to create unique solutions of the highest value.

OSRAM ITOS® O-03100 LED Replacement Bulb for Welch-Allyn otoscopes. 
The ITOS O-03100 LED lamp is a direct replacement to the traditional halogen bulb.  Delivering 60% more lumens than competitor’s product, the ITOS O-03100 allows greater visualization of the ear canal by the clinician.  The 3000K color temperature and CRI > 90 create an easy transition from traditional halogen bulb technology to the state-of-the-art LED light source.  Unlike traditional halogen light sources, the ITOS O-03100 LED bulb maintains a constant color temperature throughout the dimming range, providing a consistent basis for clinical diagnoses.  With service life in excess of 25,000 hours, you can be assured of many years of safe, reliable performance, no bulb maintenance and significantly lower operating cost.

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OSRAM ITOS® ME/ ITOS® SL LED Light Engines for Medical Examination and Surgical Lighting fixtures  
These modules using OSRAM OSLON LED technology are ready for integration into OEM light fixtures.  The 4500K color temperature and CRI > 90 provide equivalent performance to traditional halogen light sources, but use less than half the power.  The ITOS ME and ITOS SL modules provide excellent depth of illumination and no color separation, making them the perfect illumination source for medical task lighting.  Rated lifetime > 25,000 hours and lower energy consumption make the ITOS ME/ITOS SL ideal green solutions.

ITOS ME = 60K Lux @ 1M typical
ITOS SL = 160K Lux @ 1M typical

OSRAM ITOS® PHASER® 3000 LED/Laser Light Source for Endoscopy and Surgical Head Lights
The ITOS PHASER 3000 delivers the equivalent lumen output to a 300W Xenon lamp using only 180W of power.  OSRAM’s specially designed optical system allows nearly all of the light generated by LEDs and laser diodes to be transmitted through the fiber-optic and onto the targeted illumination surface.  The 6000K color temperature and up to 30,000 hour life make the PHASER 3000 the industry-leading fiber-optic light source solution for the medical industry. The ITOS PHASER 3000 LED/Laser module is ready for integration into OEM fiber-optic lighting equipment.

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