​ OSRAM KREIOS® SL LED Set Light Fixture


The OSRAM KREIOS SL  (Set Light) is an LED fixture especially designed for a broad range of applications where a zoomable beam pattern is preferred.  A 3200K color temperature and 95 CRI make the SL an ideal solution for subject illumination in TV/Studio/Stage, as well as for Exhibitions, Fairs, Events and many other applications.    The 3,000 lumen output provides equivalent intensity to a 250W halogen lamp while using only 60W of power, yielding significant energy savings.  The beam angle can be varied from 40° to 120°using the zoom adjustment; a 24° fixed spot reflector is included for applications requiring a tighter pattern. Gel frame and barn door accessories are included with the KREIOS SL to provide the end user with a broad range of lighting effects. 



Features and Benefits:

  • 3000 lumen output equals intensity of a 250W halogen light source

  • 3200K color temperature allows mixing with traditional tungsten
    halogen lamps

  • 95 CRI ensures accurate color rendering

  • 40° to 120° zoomable bean angle

  • Rated Life (L70) = 30,000 hours

  • Uses only 60W of power, 75% less than traditional halogen lamps

  • ETL listed in Canada and the U.S.

  • Compact and lightwegith - multiple mounting options

  • Hi-Tech cooling system allows for nearly silent operation

  • Orange housing color with optional Black focus ring included in the box

  • Accessories included in the box:

    • Barn door assembly for beam shaping

    • Gel frame holder for color changing

    • Interchangeable 24° fixed spot reflector for a tighter beam pattern

    • Zoon lock to hold zoom lense in any position

    • Base mount adapter

  • Accessories available for purchase:

    • 3m (10') extension cable

    • Spigot adapter for light stand



  • Set light for theaters and studios

  • General wash illumination in museums, theme parks, retail, etc.


Television Studios​



Product Number​

​Rated Life
​KREIOS SL 3200K/60W ​60 ​120 ​3200 ​3000 ​95 30,000​ ​7.00 ​6.00 8.00​ 4.4