DULUX ® EL Compact Fluorescent Lamps
Energy efficiency comes in many sizes, shapes and colors.

SYLVANIA DULUX EL self-ballasted compact fluorescent lamps are available in a wide variety of wattages, designs, shapes, and base designs. With their excellent color rendition and a broad range of color temperature options, these CFLs provide a brilliant alternative to traditional incandescent and halogen light sources and are suitable for many different types of luminaires. DULUX EL lamps save, on average, up to 75% in energy costs over comparable incandescent lamps.

DULUX EL Micro-Mini Twist T2 lamps are the smallest CFL lamps available in the industry. They last 12,000 hours and pass TCLP. SYLVANIA Living Spaces ® micro-mini twist lamps are designed to provide improved R9 rendering of warm tones and strong red colors. Certain DULUX EL lamps are dimmable.