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An industry first that just keeps getting better

OSRAM SYLVANIA introduced the first high efficiency T8 fluorescent lamp in 1981. Today, the OCTRON T8 product family is still growing and advancing o meet market demands for energy efficiency, longer life, improved color rendition, reduced environmental impact and sustainability.

Our industry leading OCTRON XP® , OCTRON XP SUPERSAVER®, and OCTRON XPS® lamps are now part of our newest product family, E COLOGIC3® and deliver the highest levels of energy efficiency, lumen maintenance, long life and RoHS/TCLP compliance.

With a wide range of lengths and wattages, color temperatures, pin configurations, 1& 5/8 and 6-inch U-bend types, there’s an OCTRON T8 energy-saving lamp to satisfy just about any commercial application. All OCTRON lamps manufactured in the USA are lead-free.

OCTRON lamps deliver highest performance levels when specified as a system paired with QUICKTRONIC® electronic ballasts . and are covered by the comprehensive QUICK60+ System Warranty.