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METALARC® Metal Halide Discharge Lamps
High efficiency, bright white light for commercial lighting applications.

High performance SYLVANIA METALARC® metal halide lamps are among the most energy efficient sources of white light available today for high and low-bay interior and exterior, street and area lighting applications. METALARC lamps are available in a wide variety of wattages, jacket and base configurations. Some have reduced outer jackets for use in today’s more compact luminaires.

METALARC Pulse Start lamps have improved lumen maintenance and up to 25% energy savings over standard probe start lamps. Higher lumen output means fewer systems to maintain.

METALARC SUPERSAVER® and PRO TECH® SUPERSAVER lamps have enhanced arc tubes for peak performance and are direct energy saving replacements for probe start lamps. PRO-TECH lamps can operate in open fixtures. No ballast change is required.

Even greater energy savings are possible when METALARC lamps are paired with QUICKTRONIC® electronic ballasts . Plus, each system is covered by the comprehensive QUICK60+ System Warranty.