New Products
ENCELIUM® Dual Relay Luminaire Control Module 
Switching capability of two LCM modules in one single package

OSRAM expands the capabilities of the ENCELIUM Energy Management System with the new ENCELIUM Dual Relay Luminaire Control Module (LCM). The Dual Relay LCM provides the switching capability of two LCM modules in a single package as an interface between luminaires and the ENCELIUM GreenBus II communication network. Individually addressable with the ENCELIUM EMS, the Dual Relay LCM enables the option to control luminaires to best meet the needs of the facility. 

The Dual Relay LCM enables inboard/outboard switching, step dimming or two fixture switching by controlling two AC loads independently. Dual Relay LCMs can also be connected to power relays or switch packs in order to switch larger electrical loads.