New Products
ENCELIUM® Energy Control Unit G4 
New design offers slimmer profile plus a user interface for system configurations without a PC

OSRAM introduces the fourth generation Energy Control Unit (ECU G4). The ECU G4 has the same functionality as the prior generations.  It collects, processes, and distributes lighting control information to ENCELIUM control modules, wall controllers, and other devices over the ENCELIUM GreenBus II network making it the central intelligence point in the system.  It collects signal information from photo sensors (light levels), occupancy sensors (occupancy status), and wall-mounted lighting controllers to determine the appropriate brightness levels or ON/OFF status for each fixture and zone. 

Like its predecessor, each ECU G4 features eight GreenBus II communication channels and typically controls 100 nodes per channel (8 x 10 = 800 nodes in total).  New additional features include a faceplate with both a new user interface and an additional USB port for system restore or backup with a USB device. Plus, its slimmer profile, allows for use in more installation options.  ECU G4s are typically located in the electrical room or communication closet on each floor of a building and are connected to a network switch using standard Ethernet connections.