New Products
​LINEARlight FLEX® Colormix Family 
Offers several choices for indoor & outdoor architectural and accent lighting applications 

Flexible colormixing LED modules for both indoor and outdoor applications, the LINEARlight FLEX Colormix family comes in three varieties - Advanced, Economical, and Protect - to offer flexibility in luminaire design or direct install needs. 

The Advanced version is available in 13.1 feet with a total lumen output of 1883. The Economical version is available in 19.7 feet with a total lumen output of 1075. The encapsulated Protect version is 13.1 feet with a total lumen output of 1700. This version is IP67 rated ensuring protection against dust, moisture, and condensation for outdoor operation.  The Advanced and Protect products are UL2108 listed with the required components to create the listed system.  

The LINEARlight FLEX Colormix family is optimally paired for operation on OPTOTRONIC® 24Vdc power supplies and control, and such systems are covered by a 5-year system warranty.