New Products
​OPTOTRONIC® Programmable Linear LED Power Supplies
First wide current range linear programmable LED power supplies

OSRAM continues to deliver breakthrough technology in the LED power supply market with the new OPTOTRONIC OEM linear programmable constant current 30W, 48W, & 50W LED power supplies, dimmable down to 1% or 10%.  OEM programmable features include 0-10V dimming, constant lumen output, auxiliary output (12V, 20V, and 24V), LED thermal protection, and the end of life indication.  

The family's wide output current range (30W - 150mA (350 for 10%) to 1050mA; 48W - 700mA to 2000mA; 50W - 400mA to 1400mA) can be programmed in 1mA steps to perfectly match the LED load and light output requirements. As with the entire line of OPTOTRONIC programmable products, programming doesn't require powering up or connecting to AC line voltage. 

The family comes in a Euro-style linear form factor: 11" L x 1.2" W x 1.0" H.