New Products
​OPTOTRONIC® Step-Dimmable LED Power Supplies
Bi-level multi-output powerline dimmable linear LED power supplies

OSRAM expands the choices of control for solid state lighting applications with the introduction of the OPTOTRONIC Step-Dimmable family of linear multiple output LED power supplies with bi-level dimming from 100% to 50% power. 

The family offers an innovative, simple-to-use output current selection through the use of 5 fixed output current options per model. There are 3 power models with current ranges as follows: 30W - 250 to 1000mA; 50W - 700 to 1400mA; and 50W - 1400 to 2100mA. These bi-level powerline supplies have two hot wire/AC positions.  

The family comes in a Euro-style linear form factor: 11" L x 1.2" W x 1.0" H.