New Products
ProPoint™ LED Wall Pack Luminaire
New Type IV non-cutoff optic

OSRAM SYLVANIA expands the OSRAM ProPoint Wall Pack luminaire family by introducing a Type IV non-cutoff optic in addition to the Type V cutoff offering. The Wall Pack Family provides quality outdoor illumination as well as significant energy and maintenance savings, and is ideal in place of new and existing traditional HID luminaires. 

These environmentally preferable LED luminaires use up to 76% less energy than traditional HID lighting and have a rated life of 65,000 hours (L70). The luminaires are IP66 rated allowing for a simple hose-down to remove dirt and grime. The Wall Pack series are offered in two optics (Type IV and Type V) and three wattages, (30W, 50W, and 85W) for illuminating exterior locations, stairwells, canopies, outdoor walkways and corridors.​