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Constant voltage power supplies are available with the following output voltages:

  • 10.5V
  • 12V
  • 24V
Constant Voltage LED Power Supplies
Compact and electronically stabilized

Constant voltage power supplies are intended to be used with 10.5, 12V and 24V LED modules. It is not possible to connect these power supplies directly to LEDs or to constant current LED modules. Doing so may damage or destroy the attached LED.

Constant voltage power supplies are available with output voltages of 10.5, 12V or 24V and have a rated output power from 6 to 240W (selected LED power supplies can be connected in parallel on the output side and can reach a total output power of up to 300W).

There are several benefits of using constant voltage power supplies:

  • All constant voltage power supplies are Class 2, UL Recognized or UL Listed. This guarantees Safe-to-touch outputs. It is safe to touch any part of the installation connected to the output without getting electric shock.

  • Higher wattage constant voltage power supplies are capable of keeping the output voltage safe and it does not limit its output power. The output power is only limited by the maximum current that can be supplied.