Presidential Directive

On December 2, 2011 President Obama issued a presidential memorandum directing federal agencies to make at least $2B in energy efficiency upgrades at their facilities over the next two years. The memorandum explicitly calls on the agencies to use energy savings performance contracts (ESPCs). At the same time, the President announced commitments by 60 businesses, mayors, universities, and unions to invest $2B in energy efficiency retrofits over the same two-year period. The White House projects that the $2B in private-sector investments will retrofit 1.6 billion square feet in commercial building space over the next decade.


Did you know?

Did you know that over 2/3 of all SYLVANIA products are manufactured in the USA?


Based in Massachusetts, LEDVANCE has been manufacturing high quality lighting products for over 100 years. Currently, over
1100 different SYLVANIA products are manufactured in the U.S.


LEDVANCE has 12 manufacturing plants, 8 Research & Development laboratories and 1 equipment assembly location in the U.S. Many products are designed and manufactured by American workers.


​Lighting the way in the U.S.A.

Dept. of Energy report puts domestic SSL production in a positive light.

​Although you do not often hear about growth in domestic manufacturing here in the United States, the solid-state lighting (SSL) industry is steadily growing and establishing a manufacturing presence here at home, according to a recent report by the U.S. Department of Energy. “Solid-state lighting was not only born of U.S. ingenuity and R&D, but is riding the crest of a worldwide trend toward greater energy efficiency. This offers a golden opportunity for U.S. manufacturing to take a significant role in SSL.”

With SSL manufacturing operations based in Winchester, KY; St. Marys, PA; Exeter, NH; and Hillsboro, NH; LEDVANCE is uniquely positioned to take advantage of this growing trend.

Significant Presidential Directive could be boon for LEDVANCE and other U.S.-based SSL manufacturing operations.

Potentially adding to the positive growth in domestic SSL manufacturing is the news of a Presidential Directive signed on December 2, 2011, requiring federal agencies to make at least $2B in energy efficiency upgrades at their facilities over the next two years.

This means the Federal government will drive United States job growth in part with building energy efficiency upgrades over the next two years. It is expected SSL products made in the United States, including those produced by LEDVANCE, will gain a competitive advantage given the ability of these products to also add to United States job growth.

This is significant for LEDVANCE since, in addition to its United States based SSL manufacturing operations, its research and development facilities in Massachusetts are also developing core SSL technology, creating the foundation of the LEDVANCE advanced SSL products. We have almost 400 full time employees involved in our solid state business operations in the U.S.

  • ​St. Marys, PA

    LEDVANCE actively promotes innovative LED system solutions in the U.S. post top retrofit market. The D6 product offers a drop-in replacement for a variety of outdoor street lighting applications.

  • Winchester, KY

    LEDVANCE actively promotes innovative LED retrofit solutions in the NAFTA commercial and retail markets. This initiative includes products designed and assembled at LEDVANCE's Consumer Lighting Division in Winchester, KY.

  • Exeter, NH

    The Exeter, NH plant of LEDVANCE has recently completed the installation of equipment for high volume manufacturing of Ceramic Converter Plates and is now ramping up production to meet demand.