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If you have questions, comments and/or feedback please contact us via phone or email.

For Customer Service Questions contact our National Customer Service and Sales Center by phone from 8:00 am to 7:00 pm Eastern Time - Monday through Friday using the following toll-free numbers or by email.  You can also contact your local LEDVANCE Company Representative. 


Consumer Product

Phone:  800.842.7010
Fax:      800.842.7011
Email:  web.retail@sylvania.com

Industrial Commercial

Phone: 800.255.5042
Fax:     800.255.5043
Email:  ic@sylvania.com


 mySYLVANIA Questions:

 If you have a mySYLVANIA question please e-mail e-business-support@sylvania.com 

 Customer Statements Questions:

 If you are currently a customer of LEDVANCE and have a question specific to your account balance with us, please call 978-750-5544 or email OSICorporateAR@sylvania.com

 Vendor Questions:

 If you are currently a vendor of LEDVANCE and have a question regarding your account, please contact us via email at OSICorporateAP@sylvania.com