​Compatibility with Armstrong DC FlexZone™


LEDVANCE is proud to partner with Armstrong Ceilings in promoting plug-and-play flexibility in direct current (DC) power applications.  Several SYLVANIA LED lighting products and Armstrong’s low voltage DC FlexZone™ ceiling systems have been EMerge Alliance® registered.   Both companies are founding members of the EMerge Alliance and the new offerings are intended to support the organization’s vision for Net Zero energy use in commercial buildings.

DC FlexZone™ is the only ceiling suspension system that provides an infrastructure for the delivery of low voltage direct current power based on the EMerge Alliance 24 Vdc Occupied Space Standard.  The Next Generation Luminaires award winning SYLVANIA RLC22 LED 2’x2’ luminaire is now available in an EMerge Alliance registered version that is compatible with the Armstrong DC FlexZone system.

All EMerge registered light fixtures from LEDVANCE are specifically engineered to physically and electrically integrate directly with Armstrong Ceiling’s EMerge registered DC powered ceiling system.  The registration assures compatibility of the connectorized plug-and-play pre-wired fixtures with the power distributing ceiling grid and greatly simplifies their initial installation and future moves and changes.   

For more information about the Armstrong DC FlexZone system, please visit their web site at www.armstrong.com/dcflexzone

RLC22 LED 2x2 Fixture

Now EMerge Alliance® Registered and compatible with Armstrong DC FlexZone ceilings for plug-and-play flexibility in DC power applications.


A control device that collects, processes, and distributes lighting control information to ENCELIUM control modules, wall controllers, and other devices over the ENCELIUM Greenbus II™ network.