DC Microgrids
​About the EMerge Alliance


The EMerge Alliance is a non-profit, open industry association with over 100 member organizations dedicated to promoting the rapid adoption of safe, low voltage DC power distribution in commercial buildings.

A family of innovative power distribution standards will integrate interior infrastructures, power, controls and devices in a common microgrid platform to facilitate the hybrid use of AC and DC power throughout buildings for unprecedented design and space flexibility, greater energy efficiency and improved sustainability.

The Alliance will simplify and accelerate market adoption of EMerge Alliance standards. The Alliance will ensure that its standards deliver:

  • Required solutions based on market requirements and ecosystem approval
  • Buyer assurance with products evaluated against our standards and registered for public view
  • Increased supply choices in the value chain that spans the needs of different commercial interiors 

OSRAM SYLVANIA is a founding governing member of the EMerge Alliance and is an active member of the board.  With several lighting components and systems on the list of registered products under the OSRAM, SYLVANIA, and ENCELIUM brands, we are committed to enabling the adoption of DC power in buildings.  Traxon Technologies is also a participating member of the EMerge Alliance with a portfolio of dynamic lighting solutions that are fundamentally DC-powered.