Energy & Sustainability

School administrators and planners are giving a lot of attention to the design of “high performance schools”; these are sustainable facilities that improve the learning environment while saving energy, resources, and money. While it is possible for good teachers and motivated students to perform at a high level almost anywhere, a well-designed facility can truly enhance performance and make education a more enjoyable and rewarding experience. School buildings that are comfortable, well-ventilated, well-lit, and safe will promote higher levels of academic achievement than buildings without such characteristics. In addition, they promote student, teacher, and staff health, so absenteeism is reduced.

Creating a high performance school is not difficult, but it requires an integrated, "whole building" approach to the design process. Key systems and technologies must be considered together, from the beginning of the design process, and optimized based on their combined impact on the comfort and productivity of students and teachers.

According to the DOE:

  • Educational buildings are the fourth most intensive user of enregy in the commercial sector.
  • Of all the commercial building types, educational buildings have the third highest energy expenditures, about $7.1 billion per year, most if for electricity.
  • Of the site electricity consumption, as much as 50% is for lighting.

Linear fluorescent is the predominant lighting system used in about 95% of educational buildings. Many older schools still use outdated energy-inefficient T12 fluorescent technology. To provide comfortable light levels for all educational tasks and activities and to reduce energy cost, SYLVANIA offers a full range of advanced lighting solutions.

  • Replace traditional T12 fluorescent lighting systems with new high performance, SYLVANIA OCTRON® T8 fluorescent lamps and QUICKTRONIC® electronic ballasts for up to 40% energy savings and more than 50% more light output.
  • Replace older T8 fluorescent lighting systems with new high performance, SYLVANIA OCTRON® ECOLOGIC3® T8 systems for more than 10% more light output, plus superior color and 20% longer life.
  • Implement dimming and lighting controls systems for an additional 25% energy savings.
  • Replace traditional incandescent lamps in down lights, sconces and utility fixtures with DULUX® compact fluorescent lamps for up to 75% energy savings and up to 10,000 hours life.
  • Replace traditional incandescent lamps with ULTRA LED retrofit lamps for up to 84% energy savings and up to 50,000 hours life, or DULUX® CFLs for up to 75% energy savings and up to 10,000 hours life.  

Lighting for the Sustainable School
Many schools want to adopt “green” strategies, implementing energy efficient technologies and processes to save natural resources, reduce waste and protect the earth. The challenge facing most school districts and boards of education is how to do this when funding is limited. Every year they have to make tough choices between teachers and educational programs, and renovating facilities to create quality learning environments and more energy-efficient schools.

 One way to accomplish this goal is performance contracting, or investing in energy efficiency upgrades and using the energy and operational savings from those upgrades to offset their cost and pay for other improvements. Local utility incentive programs and Federal tax incentive and rebate programs may also be available to help reduce the financial investment in new energy efficient systems.

Industry sustainability standards for buildings
A number of whole building rating systems have been developed to guide designers, architects and builders who incorporate green building strategies. These rating systems include ENERGY STAR® for buildings, Green Globes®, ANSI/ASHRAE/USGBC/IES 189.1 Advanced Energy Design Guide for K-12 School Buildings, and Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED®). SYLVANIA lighting system solutions can help you achieve and exceed many of the criteria for each of these rating systems, including energy efficiency, controllability of systems and low mercury content.

Shed some light on your energy usage and save valuable time with our lighting assessment.
Contact your SYLVANIA sales representative for a comprehensive analysis of your school’s lighting usage, including recommendations for every lamp, ballast and fixture in the building. Our lighting experts have the knowledge and experience necessary to properly evaluate your facility and help you choose lighting products that will yield both the greatest savings and the highest levels of performance.

At LEDVANCE, environmental sustainability is a continuous initiative that is built into the way we do business.
Meeting our needs today without compromising the resources needed by future generations, touches everything we do as a company. It’s all about reducing environmental impact, a commitment that goes beyond our products to include how those products are used, how they are manufactured and how they are packaged and distributed. Whether you’re interested in lowering your energy bills, avoiding frequent and costly maintenance, recycling programs or discovering our ECOLOGIC® products that contain little or no hazardous materials, LEDVANCE can help support your green building strategy. Reduced energy usage directly translates to your bottom line. The long term savings can quickly repay the minimal capital investment.