Energy and Sustainability

Managing Your Energy Costs

Reducing operating costs is a challenge in the hospitality industry where hotel owners must satisfy guest’s expectations for comfort and security without lowering quality of service. Guests expect to find all the comforts of home: long hot showers, climate control, well-lit rooms, and round-the-clock amenities, all of which consume energy.

Electricity accounts for the largest portion of a hotel’s annual energy budget. Lighting alone represents almost 25 percent of the total electricity consumed. In fact, lighting accounts for more than 40 percent of the total electric cost for a typical hotel room. With energy costs in the U.S. averaging over $2 per square foot, there’s a tremendous and immediate opportunity for hotel owners to increase net revenue.

Lighting for the Sustainable Hotel
In the face of rising energy costs, many hotels have adopted “green” strategies, implementing energy efficient technologies and processes to save natural resources, reduce waste and protect the earth. Using environmentally preferable lighting solutions can reduce the carbon footprint and impact of your properties.