Measuring Success

Today’s consumers want more from their shopping experience – more choices, more exciting displays, more visual stimulation. For today’s retailers, it means offering more than popular brands at great prices. With 90% of purchase decisions being made at the point of sale, it’s all about providing store environments that attract and engage shoppers and ensure repeat visits.

The right lighting is essential to satisfying these consumer needs, from the sparkle of the window displays to the lighted spaces inside the store. Faced with the need to satisfy today’s sophisticated consumer, retailers are turning their attention to the quantity, quality, and effectiveness of well-designed store lighting as a key component in the sales chain. Good lighting design can contribute substantially to the successful and profitable operation of any store, from the smallest design boutique to the biggest warehouse outlet or big box mass merchandiser.

New cutting-edge lighting technologies and equipment provide retailers with the tools to drive sales by enhancing the appearance of merchandise, enhancing brand image, and creating a safe, comfortable shopping environment. Because lighting is so closely tied to the attractiveness of a store's merchandise, it directly affects the shopper’s overall experience and buying habits. That directly impacts a store’s overall profitability. It helps retailers respond to the ever-changing trends, fads, and demands of the merchandising world while keeping a lid on energy, maintenance, and operating costs.