Border Flex
LED Solution to replace exposed neon

SYLVANIA Border Flex is a highly energy efficient LED solution that replaces neon in signage as well as indoor and outdoor linear lighting applications. Border Flex shines vibrant light that is uniform and diffused to 180 degrees.

The Border Flex is very flexible and can easily be bent by hand to form. Utilizing standard 120V AC power, the Border Flex has a maximum length of 160 ft for red, orange and yellow, and 120 ft for white, blue and green - without the need of a single power supply. This reduces your cost and allows for reduced installation time. 


Features and Benefits:

  • Consistent and stringent color control standards ensure that the sign’s image is portrayed in a positive light

  • Ultra bright LEDs help you and your brand stand out amongst the competition

  • Robust single PVC jacket protects your LEDs and protects your investment

  • Easy to cut design allows for fast and accurate installations

  • Extra long life

  • Highly energy efficient. With about 1/10th the energy con¬sumption of neon, you can enjoy significant energy savings

  • Low maintenance costs

  • Available in 150 ft. and 30 ft. rolls to best fit your application needs

  • Multiple accessories available to accommodate various layout designs



  • Accent lighting

  • Architectural

  • Contour lighting

  • Retail

  • Signage


  • The Border Flex is UL2388 (UL file # E349254)