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LED lighting hacks for your home | OSRAM SYLVANIA 
5 LED Lighting Hacks for Your Home
Whether you’re spring-cleaning your kitchen, bedroom, living room, or office, updating each room in your home can have a great impact on your mood.
April 3, 2015
Author: Alfred LaSpina, LED Product Group Manager, OSRAM SYLVANIA
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​Sure, a coat of paint and comfy furniture can make a space your own—but often the most overlooked way to add a fresh, finishing touch is with lighting. Add instant ambiance with different lighting placements, alternating brightness and color temperatures to help create the perfect atmosphere regardless of the occasion. Here are a few hacks to help decorate your space with LED lighting:

  1. Light is in the Details
    From floor and table lamps to track or recessed lighting, there are a variety of options to consider when lighting your living room. Dimmable LED lights can help control brightness—adding drama to movie nights or a warm glow for a gathering with friends. Check out our SYLVANIA ULTRA A19 LED bulbs for floor and table lamps and dimmable ULTRA PAR20 bulbs that are perfect for precision accent lighting.

  2. Consider Color Temperature
    Today’s LED lighting technology comes in a variety of color temperatures from warmer yellows and reds (listed as soft white or 2700K and 3000K) to cooler blues and greens (commonly referred to as daylight or 5000K) to help set a welcoming lightscape in your home. Choose vivid and natural daylight for bedrooms when waking, calm and gentle warm white in the evening, or mix it up with a range of hues to match your mood. Interested in this color temperature hack? Check out SYLVANIA ULTRA SE™ LED light bulbs with its color dimming sunset effects here. Or try the LIGHTIFY™ Tunable White smart, connected LED bulb on for size.  These easily dim from daylight to soft white, just like sunrise to sunset. 

  3. Keep it cool
    During warmer weather, it can feel like even the smallest light source adds unwanted heat to your home. In fact, 90 percent of the energy given off by incandescent light bulbs is lost by heat, according to the Department of Energy. With a higher energy efficiency than incandescent, LED lighting has a significantly cooler running temperature and also helps save money for running fans and air conditioning.  

  4. Illuminate the Outdoors
    Whether you’re looking for a dreamy bohemian vibe, or a bright and festive atmosphere for holiday parties, adding a little twinkle does wonders for entertaining outdoors. Illuminate walkways, gardens, and backyards with LIGHTIFY Gardenspot mini RGB lighting and keep your outdoor space abuzz in all the right ways. And control the colors right from your smartphone! 

  5. Practically Perfect
    What’s one of the greatest benefits of LED lighting? A life expectancy that lasts up to 25 times longer than traditional incandescent bulbs…that’s almost 22 plus years while using up to 80 percent less energy. LEDs make changing recessed lighting in high ceilings a rarity, and the energy savings will be easy on your wallet, too.

How do you decorate with light? Do you have an LED lighting hack or trick to share? Send us your tips on Twitter with hashtag #DiscoverLED!