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OSRAM LIGHTIFY Default App Setting 
New OSRAM LIGHTIFY® App Update Enables Default Settings to Help make Traditional Light Switches Smarter
Pre-programmed default settings can be switched on via your traditional light switch at home, even with your LIGHTIFY Gateway unplugged
September 9, 2015 Author: Aaron Ganick, Head of LIGHTIFY North America
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Now with our latest update to the OSRAM LIGHTIFY® mobile app, users can customize their lighting with more options than ever before. Since its release in September 2014, the LIGHTIFY app has been continuously upgraded, adding new default settings and increasing overall functionality. Here’s what’s new in version 1.2:


Individual default settings

Now, you can use smart connected lighting to help make your traditional light switches smarter, without the use of your LIGHTIFY app. In version 1.2, users can now set individual default settings to help increase the everyday functionality of LIGHTIFY products beyond controlling them via the app.

Not every room has the same mood. Some users may want their kitchens and bathrooms to be daylight bright, or their cove lighting a bold accent color. Now, LIGHTIFY LED Tunable White A19 bulbs and LIGHTIFY LED Flex RGBW products can now be switched on via your traditional light switch at home, even if your LIGHTIFY Gateway is unplugged. New pre-programmed default settings allow users to dim, change RGB color and white color temperature of individual products.



Scene functionality
Users can now seamlessly toggle between scenes with screens that are fast, responsive and optimized for creating customized lightscapes. However, due to the substantial renewal of the scenes functionality, a one-time recreation of the saved scenes is necessary.



Real-time updates

Now you can see system updates in progress for every LIGHTIFY device you have connected. A progress bar provides a better overview of the update progress and updates can be paused and resumed at the tap of a finger. When this is finished updating, the light turns on to confirm it’s been updated. This progress bar is a first of its kind feature for smart lighting that gives users visibility to the updates to the bulbs in your home.


Additional improvements

In addition to several system and user interface improvements, version 1.2 now offers the ability to:

  • Turn on and off all connected devices via the LIGHTIFY icon at the top of the home screen.

  • Set the timer function to end past midnight.

  • Hide or show your LIGHTIFY password in plain text.

Just to note, this LIGHTIFY app update to version 1.2 will not work with older Gateway software versions and requires an update of the LIGHTIFY Gateway to version (for "Gateway WiFi") as well as (for "Gateway ZigBee”). If the products are to receive a customized default setting, which is activated via normal light switch, then they must be updated to version 01020314. To view your current version of the LIGHTIFY Gateway and Lights, navigate within the app to Settings -> System Update.

Find the LIGHTIFY version 1.2 update on the App Store or Google Play.

Have you started building your smart home with smart lighting? Don’t forget that LIGHTIFY products are also newly compatible with Wink, WeMo® and SmartThings systems!