Mentoring Program

OSRAM SYLVANIA is committed to the development of all employees to their fullest potential. Mentoring has been established to assist with improved job skill development, performance, enhanced leadership skills, networking, and career advancement. The Mentoring Program supports success for all interested employees.

A key strength of the Mentoring Program is that it appeals to employees at any stage of their careers. Entering employees learn to navigate a new environment and benefit from the experience of those with greater tenure, and mid-career employees receive encouragement and guidance to extend their skills and expand their opportunities.


“The Mentoring Program has helped employees sharpen skills and hone thinking. In many cases, it has also helped to enlarge a mentee's professional network. You can't buy this type of developmental experience.” - Bill, Human Resources

“There is an amazing opportunity to work with extremely talented individuals and I feel privileged to have that opportunity.” - Stefanie, Sales