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City Hall Tower - Whittier, CA​

Goal: Rejuvenate the appearance of the City Hall tower in Whittier, CA with a decorative yet sustainable lighting solution
Products Installed: 12 Traxon Technologies Graze Shield XB LED Fixtures


For roughly ten years, the City Hall tower in Whittier, CA had been shrouded in darkness. The tower’s previous decorative lighting system was primarily cold cathode tubing along the perimeter at the top of the structure.  It was highly prone to breakage, leaving City Hall holding the bill on frequent and expensive repairs.  As a result, the decision was made to simply turn the lights off – until now. Leading the charge, Bryan Petroff, Facilities Manager for the City of Whittier, had three criteria in mind that would define a successful relighting of the City Hall tower.

First, the new technology needed to preserve the original design intent of the tower’s previous architectural lighting. Also, it was crucial that the new system minimize the maintenance costs while also being energy-efficient. And finally, the new lighting needed to create an eye-catching display that was both programmable and controllable so the city could adjust the tower’s illumination for events, holidays and seasons.

Bryan worked closely with RAY-LITE Energy Management Group, Inc. to determine the best solution to meet the demands of the project and concluded that the capabilities and flexibility provided by LED lighting technology made it the ideal choice. Due to cost-effectiveness and product quality, City Hall then decided to install an LED system comprising luminaires from Traxon Technologies that were also very easy to install on the tower.

Utilizing 12 of Traxon’s Graze Shield XB LED luminaires, the new lighting system provided the Whittier City Hall tower with a fully controllable, customizable and dazzling lighting system. Because LED technology uses less energy and demonstrates exceptional life compared to technology traditionally leveraged in similar projects, including cathode tubing, the Traxon installation also achieved the city’s sustainability and maintenance goals. Only consuming 350W of power, the system has a rated life of 50,000 hours (L70) and is also IP66 rated for use in outdoor conditions, helping to minimize maintenance costs for City Hall.

The compact yet powerful Graze Shield XB combines high-intensity LEDs and multiple customization options, including the number of LEDs per fixture; LED color combinations (red, green, blue, amber, warm white, cold white, and dynamic white) and beam angle. The Graze Shield XB is IP66-rated and emits sophisticated, concentrated bright light with a broad range of colors making the product ideal for illuminating interior walls, exterior façades, and unique architectural details, with a rich, even wash.  An anodized aluminum finish acts as a natural heat dissipation system that maximizes the rated life of the linear fixture.

After ten years in the dark, the City Hall tower in Whittier, CA is once again decoratively illuminated, now with a brilliant and more sustainable LED solution that allows city officials to not only create seasonally themed decorative lighting at City Hall, but also will save the city valuable money. Aside from the improved energy efficiency of the Traxon LED system over the former cathode tube technology, the system’s design makes it resistant to the stresses of the elements. Coupled with greatly improved lamp life over the previous lighting, and City Hall stands to save money on both energy and maintenance costs – all while bringing bright, beautiful lighting back to the seat of city government in Whittier, CA.