Home Lighting Ideas

For general lighting, areas over 100 square feet require several recessed downlights or decorative mounted fixtures. Try companion flush or semi flush mounts to enhance bathroom vanity lights in larger bathrooms. Lamps such as the SYLVANIA BT15 and Soft White are perfect for the job. 

Try lighter colors on walls and accents to reflect light, causing light to bounce around the room.

For best results, you want diffused, softer light in the bathroom.

Try SYLVANIA Daylight incandescent lamps which create a unique, white light that produces a more natural, balanced light that makes colors look great.

For task lighting, use recessed light instead of a fixture mounted directly over the mirror to avoid creating shadows. 

Placing strip lights or wall sconces to either side of the mirror are the best ways to eliminate shadows on the face.

For accent lighting, a small recessed light directed on a piece of decorative art work or a striking powder basin creates an extra layer of light. Angle a recessed shower fixture and highlight nice tile work or make your shower fixtures sparkle. 

If using vanity strips with globe bulbs, choose our Double Life Soft White Globes, Soft White Small Globes or Daylight Globes instead of clear to help minimize shadows.

Use light sources like our Designer® warm or cool white fluorescent bulbs to enhance appearance of skin tones and décor. Using such fluorescents will create better reflection off surfaces and help you see yourself in true light.

To make the room more inviting, try dimming all incandescent and halogen sources and keep a candle burning.