Home Lighting Ideas

General lighting can be provided by ceiling fixtures, chandeliers, fan lights, recessed downlights, or wall sconces, giving you the illumination you need to dress and see into drawers and closets.

At the dressing table, an adjustable, lighted, magnifying mirror will provide ideal for grooming and applying makeup.

Inspire romance by dimming all incandescent, using products like our Crystal Décor or halogen bulbs.

Use a halogen floor-mounted directional fixture, with a PAR 16 flood lamps to project light through plants from the floor is an excellent way to soften a room with interesting shadows. Place a light behind a large plant or indoor tree and aim it through the leaves toward the ceiling.

Break the room into several zones by and switching them separately, then adjust according to the mood you want to set.

Provide light for reading by choosing swing-arm or flexible bedside lamps, using Daylight products, SYLVANIA's Soft White bulb, Double Life lamps or Compact Fluorescent DULUX EL mini twist lamps.  Also, consider a SYLVANIA LED Clamp-on Lamp or Brilliance Desk Lamp.

Illuminate artwork over the headboard with ceiling-mounted fixtures placed close to the wall to avoid direct glare.

For closets, choose energy-efficient, long-life fluorescent bulbs with very good color, like SYLVANIA Designer fluorescents.​