Home Lighting Ideas
Children's Rooms

Children's rooms will benefit from the use of track lights, which can be swiveled, rotated, and aimed in any direction to shed light on play areas, hobbies, or homework. As the child grows older, the fixtures can be moved and redirected toward a stereo cabinet or sitting area.

Consider fluorescent valance to give the appearance of a bright, cheery space.

For safety reasons, avoid the use of most types of floor-mounted fixtures.

Choose desk lamps that use our DULUX® EL compact fluorescent bulbs or the SYLVANIA Brilliance Desk Lamp, both provide adequate light for reading that is not hot to the touch.

Use night lights, like the SYLVANIA RGB Nightlight to give children an added sense of security and the ability to see in the dark if they get up during the night.

Try SYLVANIA DOT-it®, long lasting LED lights that stick practically anywhere.  DOT-it® Lights come in six fun colors your child will love.