Home Lighting Ideas

This area of the home gives a first impression of a home’s interior. Therefore, center a traditional chandelier, contemporary pendant or traditional ceiling fixtures to provide basic illumination and a welcoming atmosphere.

Be sure to consider:

  • Sizing the fixture to the space.
  • Remember you must have good light for safety reasons. To prevent accidents, stairs should be lit from top to bottom with switches in both places.
  • To ensure safety, also place fiztures every 8 to 10 feet in hallways.
  • Tie fixtures with the chandelier/pendant. Choose semi flush lights for hallways and smaller chain lung lights for stairways.
  • For accent needs, use matching wall sconces to complement your chandelier or pendant.
  • Add a dimmer to set the tone of the room.
  • Use decorative Double Life products in the foyer to add a warm, welcoming touch.
  • Try washing one side of a hallway with light by using linear fluorescent bulbs in valances or coves.
  • In areas with higher, vaulted ceilings (above 8 feet), consider using halogen track lights to highlight photographs and artwork. Try a torchiere lamp to soften the appearance of walls and ceiling.
  • In hallways, try placing some fixtures high on walls, directing light downward. This will add drama and a feeling of spaciousness.