Home Lighting Ideas
Indoor Lighting

Trying to add a little romance to a small intimate group? Or make a room festive for a large gathering? No matter what mood you’re trying to create, there’s a SYLVANIA product that’s perfect for the task. 

This website will help you decide which ones best suit your needs, with tips for every area of your home with suggestions on the use of some of our most useful and popular products. 

Designing with light has never been easier, or more enjoyable. On, off, and hundreds of brilliant variations.

A good plan can help make any home more inviting by combining four basic types of lighting, for both style and function.


Ambient Lighting: Provides overall illumination, comfortable level of brightness, and allows you and your guests to see and move around safely.
Task Lighting: Helps you perform a specific activity, such as reading or playing games, by concentrating light in a particular place.
Accent Lighting: Creates a mood and adds interest to a room by highlighting or spotlighting certain areas and objects, such as paintings, walls, and collectibles.
Decorative Lighting: When light becomes elements of the space themselves, such as chandeliers and candles.​