Home Lighting Ideas

General, decorative fluorescent fixtures centered over a workspace are the most common choice. Kitchens less than 100 square feet require two fluorescent lamps, whereas, up to 250 square feet will require supplemental light. Downlights mounted 18” off the edge of cabinets, and spaced 3’ to 4’ on centers is ideal to generate additional light.

Try using our Designer® Cool White fluorescent bulbs to enhance cool colors like gray and blue, or try our Designer® Warm White bulbs to enhance warm colors like yellow, red, and beige or to complement wood cabinets.

Try fluorescent lamps under cabinet fixtures at the edge of your cabinets to illuminate your workspace and reduce shadows in food preparation areas. This also is an energy-saving and cost efficient source.

With open areas over sinks, use recessed halogen or fluorescent valance lights, or recessed downlights mounted directly over the sink. Try the SYLVANIA 50 watt PAR 30 long neck.

Conceal fluorescent strip lights above cabinets to provide soft, indirect illumination. This effect works especially well if you place colored decorative glassware above your cabinets.

Switch general and task lights separately, and use a dimmer for all halogen lights to create different moods for cooking and entertaining.

For accent lighting, use halogen track fixtures to give your kitchen extra dimension and illuminate special home objects, such as architecture, art, spices or food presentation areas.

Wall mounted fixtures can be adjusted for a variety of kitchen chores – and to varying heights of the cook’s helpers. An adjustable swing-arm fixture utilizing a Capsylite bulb offers the greatest flexibility.