Home Lighting Ideas
Lighting for Beauty

Even the simplest outdoor setting can evoke emotion, and provide visual interest and drama for your guests. Consider the following techniques aimed at making trees, lilies, roses and alyssum jump to life at night.

  • Highlight unique features. For example, a stone house with its unusual texture may look best grazed with lights placed close to the wall. A statue, fountain, or gateway are areas that can be lit with dramatic results.

  • Lighting mounted within tree branches can be very effective in creating a moonlight effect and a variety of interesting patterns on your lawn. Use SYLVANIA halogen reflector bulbs to create this subtle, yet enchanting effect.

  • Use uplighting to enhance the texture, size and color of trees or large plants by positioning spot or flood light sources under an object and casting the light upward.

  • When choosing the perfect bulb for uplighting, pay attention to color. Fall foliage is spectacular lighted by a bulb that has a yellow or red tint, while palms may lose their dramatic green tones under the same light. SYLVANIA halogen flood enhances all color in any season.

  • Pay extra attention to those trees, shrubs and flowers you can view from inside your home. Lighted gardens outside a living room or dining room give an expanded view of your living and entertaining spaces.

  • Try mounting low-voltage halogen bulbs, such as SYLVANIA MR-16s, in the eaves of a gazebo or at the base of an arbor to accent structures and plantings.

  • Use our faceted Halogen Crystal™ or Double Life Crystal Décor bulbs to add sparkle and brilliance in post lights or coach lanterns. Or consider our SOFT WHITE DULUX® EL Compact Fluorescent bulbs in post lanterns to reduce maintenance, increase energy savings and provide good color.

  • Combine electric and candle light when entertaining on your deck to create an elegant or festive atmosphere.