Home Lighting Ideas
Living Room

Use recessed lighting as a source for general lighting. Recessed lighting is preferred to light a general area because the light source is also concealed.

Consider ceiling fixtures, wall sconces, floor lamp, and table lamps as complementary light. These fixtures are ideal sources of task for reading or playing games, as well as serving aesthetic purposes.

Recessed and track lighting are ideal to make a room come alive. These fixtures can be used to accent art work, wall washing, or glazing.

Layer with light, using wall washers, downlights, and accent lights on dimmers to create a medley of possible effects – from spacious to intimate.

Place light source at various heights within the room (ceiling, table, floor) to add visual interest and human scale.

Use translucent shades on table lamps to contribute to the ambient light level.

Graze textured walls with our halogen downlights or directionals places close to the wall and aimed downward. Try the 50 watt PAR 20 SYLVANIA CAPSYLITE® lamp.

Use a halogen floor-mounted directional fixture with a 50 watt SYLVANIA PAR 30 SYLVANIA CAPSYLITE® lamp under a large plant to create an artistic pattern on the ceiling. For a soft accent, place some wall sconces on either side of your fireplace.

Light book cases and stereo cabinets from within, using small-diameter fluorescent or miniature halogen bulbs, such as the SYLVANIA MR16 lamp concealed behind the shelves.

Highlight important collectibles with our smaller halogen directional light.