Home Lighting Ideas
Outdoor Lighting

They say first impressions are everything. 

That’s why it’s so important that the first thing that greets your guests when they walk up to your front door is the right outdoor lighting. 

Create warmth, add a little drama or simply brighten a walkway. Whatever you want to do there’s a SYLVANIA product that can make the outside of your home both inviting and safe. 

This guide will help you decide which ones best suit your needs, with tips for just about every aspect of outdoor and descriptions of some of our most useful and popular products. 


Outdoor Lighting Techniques

Here are some helpful definitions of common techniques used in landscape.  Use one or more of them to achieve a look that’s natural and multi-dimensional.

Down Lighting:

Shines light down from large trees on eaves to focus on particular object to achieve a natural look that simulates sunlight or moonlight. ​

Up Lighting:

Places fixtures in the ground and directs light upward to create a dramatic effect that accentuates the texture of leaves on trees or the detail in a trellis or archway. ​

Front Lighting:

Positions light sources in front of an object to highlight important features and details.​

Back Lighting:

Illuminates objects or plants from the back to reveal their shape and form while decreasing texture and eliminating detail. 

Side Lighting:

Aims the light from the side to emphasize texture and creates strong shadows. 

Area Lighting:

Uses a floodlight or another source of wide light to illuminate large areas for evening entertaining.

Cross Lighting:

Lights and accentuates certain objects or areas, like statues or gardens, from two or more points.


Positions the light source close to a wall or the bark of a tree to bring out its texture.

Safety Lighting:

Provides light for certain areas, like paths or steps, so people can navigate safely.