​Product and System Technology
Traditional Lighting Systems

Here we offer some basic training modules. 

Ballast Basics
This training module is the first in a series dedicated to understanding the key features and benefits of ballasts. Attend and learn about the key characteristics that apply to all ballasts including power factor, ballast factor, THD, EMI/RFI and more.

Length: 12:00 


Lamp Basics - Fluoresent Technology
There are many fluorescent characteristics that make it an ideal light source for many applications.  With many families including linear, compact and integrated compact fluorescent lamps, there are fundamental concepts that are common.  Attend and learn how a fluorescent lamp generates light along with the basic physical traits, the performance characteristics and SYLVANIA's product families for fluorescent lamp families.

Length: 27:00  


Lamp Basics - Halogen Technology
With the phasing out of certain incandescent lamps due to governmental legislation, halogen lamps are a great alternative.  Attend and learn the fundamentals of halogen technology.  Topics will include lamp shape, beam distribution and base type, how the halogen cycle works, key performance characteristics and SYLVANIA's halogen product families including line voltage and low voltage versions. 

Length: 22:00 


Lamp Basics - HID Technology
High Intensity Discharge (HID) light sources include four families: Mercury Vapor, Metal Halide, Low-Pressure Sodium and High-Pressure Sodium. Attend and learn the key characteristics of how these lamps are similar and how they are different. Topics will include how and why they look and operate the way they do, key performance attributes and SYLVANIA's product families.

Length: 33:00  


Lamp Basics - Incandescent Technology
Despite governmental regulation, incandescent lamps will continue to be manufactured and used.  Attend and learn about the technology that started it all.  Topics will include lamp shape, filament and base type, how an incandescent lamp operates, key performance characteristics and SYLVANIA's incandescent lamp product family.  

Length: 15:00 


Light Source Basics
Light Source Basics address 10 common characteristics of general illumination light sources such as incandescent, halogen, fluorescent, HID, and LED.  The characteristics include cost, physical shape, light output, candlepower, efficacy, life, lumen maintenance, spectral power distribution, CCT and CRI. 

Length: 11:00