Money, Money, Money
Here’s how to cash out.

​With the impending T12 lamp legislation find out how you can save cash through rebates, incentives, and energy savings simply by switching out your old T12 lamps.

T12 lamps are going away in July 2012. Why not switch now and start cashing in?



Federal legislation and DOE rulemakings continue to impact which lamps and ballasts the lighting industry can manufacture, import and sell. Both also have a dramatic effect on the lighting products available for sale and use by distributors, specifiers, contractors and end users.

As a worldwide lighting leader, OSRAM SYLVANIA keeps abreast of the ever changing legislative and DOE rulemaking landscape and is committed to informing its customers about compliance requirements. We are committed to the ongoing development of compliant lighting systems which deliver higher efficiency, reduced wattages, improved lumen output, and longer life–features that yield benefits such as energy savings and reduced maintenance costs. These benefits are ones that you and your end users can depend on to replace traditional products

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We have prepared these educational resources to help you better understand and navigate these challenging but necessary transitions.


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