SYLVANIA Smart Home Outdoors

Imagine functional and colorful outdoor lighting with SYLVANIA SMART+.

Create a safe and entertaining space outside with SYLVANIA SMART+ outdoor smart lighting. Wet-rated for outdoor use, build a fun and colorful space with accent lighting for your next BBQ or outdoor get together. Or add a spot light for additional security near your garage, walkway, porch, and other areas. With away from home control, you can set your smart lights to turn on when you need them – whether you’re away on vacation or coming home late from work.
These functionalities come in multiple form factors. See more information below.

SYLVANIA Smart Home Specialty Lighting

Gardenspot Color LED

SYLVANIA Smart Home Garenspot RGB 

Garden LED spot lights with millions of color options.

Wet rated for outdoor use

Perfect for backyards, walkways, or remove the stakes to install on a deck.

Choose from millions of color options to create the perfect holiday theme.

Learn more about our LED Gardenspot Color lights


Outdoor Full Color Flex Strip

SYLVANIA Smart Home Outdoor Flexible Strip RGBW

Flexible Outdoor Flex Strip with millions of colors options and adjustable white light.

Perfect for backyard landscape accents, overhangs, or remove stakes to install on deck.

Wet Rated for outdoor use.

Learn more about the Outdoor LED Full Color Flex Strip


PAR38 Soft White

SYLVANIA Smart Home PAR38 Soft White 

LED flood light for soft white cans and outdoor security.

Program lights to turn on and off when you are not home.

Wet rated for outdoor use.

Perfect for use in security lighting for a more well-lit home outdoors.

Learn more about our LED PAR38 Soft White