SYLVANIA Smart Home Kitchen SYLVANIA Smart Home Kitchen

Control Your Lights with Siri and Apple HomeKit.

A simple, customizable lighting experience 

With our hub free, HomeKit-enabled lights and accessories, you can easily and securely control your lighting experience using Siri on your Apple device.

Convenient & Inspirational Light in your Kitchen.

Lighting that is personal and as unique as you are

With our Smart Home Products you can change the look and feel of a room with the swipe of an app!   



SYLVANIA Smart Home Living Room SYLVANIA 

Smart Home Office

Relaxing Light in your Living Room.

Easy to use & install 

Our Smart Home products are many of the greatest home automation products on the   market, and simple to install!   

Productive Light in your Home Office.

Secure & Flexible

You can control your smart devices from anywhere with the use of your smartphone or tablet.  You can also create schedules to turn lights on and off while you're on vacation or for when you get home from work.  A lit home can be a more secure home.    

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SYLVANIA Smart Home Outdoors


Safe, Fun & Decorative Light Outdoors.

Smart lighting for indoors & out

Our Smart Home product portfolio is one of the largest worldwide, giving you a variety
 of options for the sockets in your home and your outdoor spaces. 

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