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The SYLVANIA Bright Ideas Newsletter aims to provide you with information on the future of lighting and ways that you can save energy and money. We want to keep you updated on new and innovative products being created for your home and your car. In addition, we hope that you enjoy this newsletter and it's information as we plan on adding new sections and improving with each release.

2012 Archive

October 2012 Bright Ideas Newsletter
Make This Halloween Safer for Everyone | Enter for a Chance to Receive a 3-Pack of SYLVANIA LED Lite Sticks and Keep Your Little Goblins This Halloween | Bring Electrical Safety Home with Fire Prevention Week

September 2012 Bright Ideas Newsletter
Enter the NASCAR VIP Experience Giveaway | OSRAM SYLVANIA Receives Lighting for Tomorrow Award | OSRAM SYLVANIA Reduced Corporate Greenhouse Gas Emissions by 20% – Doubles 2006 Pledge 

August 2012 Bright Ideas Newsletter
Save on SilverStar® Headlights | SYLVANIA Automotive Lighting Unveils New Facebook Page, Conducts Product and Ticket Giveaways in Celebration | SYLVANIA Prepares for Tenth Anniversary of Sylvania 300 NASCAR RACE Title Sponsorship

July 2012 Bright Ideas Newsletter
MOSAIC™ Flexible Lights: So Cool, They're Hot! | SYLVANIA Automotive Lighting Becomes Exclusive Sponsor of Hot Import Nights | Boston Interiors: Reducing Energy and Maintenance Costs

June 2012 Bright Ideas Newsletter
Bulb Detector iPhone & iPad App | 2012 Lightfair International Awards | Celebrating 30 years of OCTRON® with the “Great Lighting Education Challenge”

May 2012 Bright Ideas Newsletter
Unlock Your Energy Cost Savings Potential with OSRAM SYLVANIA’s AppMap | Lighting Design Assistant: Identify Your Lighting Choices | National Mall Gets New Energy-Efficient LED Lights



2011 Archive:

August 2011 Bright Ideas Newsletter
Attention Compact Fluorescent and Linear Fluorescent Light Bulb Shoppers | SYLVANIA's Targeted Actions | Want to Know More About the Rare Earth Phosphor Crisis?

July 2011 Bright Ideas Newsletter
Enjoy Deals from SYLVANIA | OSRAM SYLVANIA Recognized for Lighting Facts® Program | Gotta Have It: SYLVANIA Flashlight

June 2011 Bright Ideas Newsletter
Enter for a Chance to Win a SYLVANIA 10-Inch Tablet | The Magic of LED Lighting with Dr. Chips | SYLVANIA LED Light Bulbs Inspire Consumer Chandelier Makeovers

May 2011 Bright Ideas Newsletter
QUICKTRONIC® QTO HIGH Efficiency Metal Halide Dimming Ballasts from SYLVANIA Wins Innovation Award at LIGHTFAIR 2011 | SYLVANIA Design Blogger Challenge | Look familiar? Now what?

April 2011 Bright Ideas Newsletter (Earth Day Edition)
Take the Earth Day Challenge | Energy Saving Tips | Fast Facts About Energy-Saving Bulbs

March 2011 Bright Ideas Newsletter
TRON: In-Store Coupon and Mail-In Rebate | The 5 Ls of Lighting | $1.00 OFF any SYLVANIA Compact Fluorescent or Halogen SUPERSAVER® Product!

February 2011 Bright Ideas Newsletter
The New Lighting Legislation Made Easy | Enter the Ice Dreams Contest | The SYLVANIA Pinque Bulb- House Beautiful Magazine’s Favorite Pink Product | Bright Ideas Poll Results

January 2011 Bright Ideas Newsletter
What's Next for LEDs and How Will We Get There? | Five Simple Steps for Sustainable Lighting Solutions

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