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Dynamic LED lighting combined with an intelligent media system from Traxon transforms dressing rooms into personalized virtual reality spaces. Lighting combined with video simulates real-life environments in the dressing room by offering realistic lighting, video animations of different settings, and customized scenes.


Traxon Cove Light AC HO RGBW simulates real-life lighting conditions, whether it’s a sunny beach, a dimly-lit restaurant, or a bright office. Real-life settings are filmed, their light levels are measured, and then reproduced in the dressing room. Scenes can be selected using a tablet/PC solution featuring an attractive touch screen user interface.

How it Works:

  • Reproduced and optimized data from a wide range of settings are stored in a lighting and media control system.

  • The control system transmits the required settings to the individual fixture channels and the media system to provide a completely interactive experience.

  • Intregrated Traxon Cove Light AC HO RGBW fixtures provide dynamic effects and seamless color mixing.

  • Additional white light improves the color quality and color rendering index (CRI).



  • Exclusive service strengthens customer loyalty

  • Brand awareness is strengthened

  • Cross-marketing opportunities

  • Customers will spend more time in your store