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Made in the USA with US and Global Parts LED Classic Glass Lamps

Assembled in our plants in St. Marys, Pennsylvania and Versailles, Kentucky and designed by our engineering team in Wilmington, Massachusetts, the SYLVANIA Made in the USA with US and Global Parts LED Lamps are the exceptional choice for local products. They are also an investment in more than 200 American jobs—and lamps manufactured locally can be supplied quicker. Offering full LED attributes of longer life, incandescent-shape and no-UV light make SYLVANIA Made in the USA with US and Global Parts LED Lamps ideal for numerous commercial and residential applications.



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Made in the USA with US and Global Parts



Made in the USA
Made in the USA 




Made in the USA 



Classic Aline LED Glass Bulb

The Sylvania Aline LED bulbs offer a great value semi-directional lamp appropriate in both homes and businesses.

  • Available in 2700K and 5000K color temperatures

  • Reduces energy consumption up to 86%

  • 10 and 22 year life options**

  • Available in dimmmable and non-dimmable

Classic G25 LED Glass Bulb

  • Available in 2700K and 5000K color temperatures

  • Reduce energy consumption up to 80%

  • Long life 10 years**




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Made in the USA with US and Global Parts


Made in the USA 



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Classic BR30 LED Glass Bulb

The SYLVANIA BR30 LED bulbous reflector lamp offer years of service
and reduce energy and maintenance costs.The 80+ CRI ensures greater
color definition and can be used in many applications,
both homes and businesses.

  • Dimmable down to 10%

  • Available in 2700K color temperature

  • Long life up to 11,000 hours

  • Energy savings up to 90%

Classic PAR38 LED Glass Bulb

The new aesthetically pleasing design of the SYLVANIA PAR38 Glass lamps make halogen retrofits easier to spot relamp to a more energy efficient lamp.

  • Long life up to 11,000 hours

  • Color temperature available in 3000K

  • Energy savings up to 87%





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Local Manufacturing​​


LEDVANCE is proud to invest in
local manufacturing and increase U.S. production of something we all depend on – the light bulb.

LEDVANCE is the only general lighting company to now have a significant LED light bulb portfolio made in the U.S. with U.S. and global parts. These are several of the fastest producing assembly lines in the world for LED light bulbs, working three to four times faster than other lighting manufacturers.

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** Life is based on 3hrs/use per day. LED lamp lifetime is defined as the number of hours when 50% of a large group of identical lamps reaches 70% of its initial lumens.