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SYLVANIA Automotive Lighting

SYLVANIA offers a wide range of high performance automotive lighting products with style, performance and the safety of you and your family in mind.  Find the right one for your vehicle and your driving style.


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ZEVO® DRL Pixel and Pipe 
Give Your car the leading edge with ZEVO DRL PIPE and DRL PIXEL

If a modern, LED daytime running look is what you desire, the ZEVO® DRL Pipe and Pixel kits are the choice for you. Delivering street legal OEM performance both day and night, these kits are an easy way to add LED style, performance and safety to your car.

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Clip, Connect and Drive.

EASY: Simple mechanical and electrical connections. Fits easily in the fascia of most cars. All hardware is included.

AUTOMATIC: Once connected, these kits require no extra switches or controls. They sense when your car is on and when your headlights are on - adjust accordingly

LEGAL: When mounted in the proper "strike zone", they conform to all applicable standards for legal use both day and night.

DURABLE: Both kits are fully sealed and certified to automotive standards to withstand years of weather and washing*.

To be street legal, the PIPE and PIXEL kits must fit into the required strike zone. PIPE and PIXEL lamps are slim and will fit most vehicles. Please assess if grille or fascia alterations are needed prior to installation. Ideal locations include flat, horizontal surfaces such as louvers, air dams and recesses.

* ZEVO® DRL Pipe meets IP69K requirements for protection from high pressure and high temperature water intrusion. This test requires product seals to remain watertight when exposed to 175 °F water at 4 gallons per minute at a pressure of 1300 PSI for 30 seconds each at angles of 0°, 40°, 60° and 90°. ZEVO® DRL Pixel meets IP67K test requirements for water intrusion protection. This test requires product seals to remain watertight when exposed to a 1 meter immersion for 30 minutes.


Features and Benefits:
  • Everything you need is included: LED assemblies, wiring harnesses
  • DRL PIPE Accent Lighting Kit delivers 6200K - Color temperature unique light pipe look
  • DRL PIXEL Accent Lighting Kit delivers 5200K - color temperature modern pixilated look.
  • Installation is easy!
    • 1 - Assess fit using diagram on bottom panel of package
    • 2 - Plan mounting location and wiring paths
    • 3 - Route wiring, connect and test
    • 4 - Make final mechanical and electrical connections
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ZEVO® Warranty – SYLVANIA ZEVO® LED Lamps are backed by a lifetime limited warranty for as long as you own your car.  We will replace the bulb with the same or suitable replacement if it fails to light.  The cost of installation is not covered by the warranty.  For registration, fill out this form!