• Rear Projection TVs:  P-VIP® premium brand and NEOLUX® value brand
  • Front Projectors: P-VIP premium brand

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Our P-VIP replacement lamps can be obtained through OSRAM SYLVANIA authorized master distributors.

​P-VIP Discharge Lamps
OSRAM Projection Replacement Lamps


OSRAM Projection lamps provide the highest light output, the essential prerequisite for efficient projection devices. Furthermore, they have extremely long life and maintain their high light output levels throughout the life of the lamp.

Trust OSRAM P-VIP Brand Replacement Lamps

With OSRAM P-VIP replacement lamps, your good image will be maintained in rear projection TVs or your office projectors for a long time. We’re one of the original manufacturers of projection lamps, with over 100 years of lighting experience. OSRAM P-VIP lamps are OEM specified—designed especially for each make and model. They’re backed by innovative R&D and advanced quality checks that ensure superior light output, longer lamp life and uniform light distribution. No one knows this technology better than OSRAM – and it shows.

For best results, use only original OEM-specified OSRAM P-VIP lamps. 

If a lamp from another manufacturer is used inside a projection system designed specifically around the patented P-VIP technology, many quality issues can result. Likely issues include:

  • Insufficient lamp cooling which may result in lamp shattering, short lamp life and lumen depreciation. 

  • Improper operation of the lamp driver which can cause short lamp life, lumen depreciation, lamp flickering, poor colors, or lamp shatter.

  • Improper ignition parameters causing poor lamp starting or no lamp starting.

  • Issues related to other parts of the projector system (e.g. electronics).


Where to purchase P-VIP Replacement Lamps

Both bare lamps and caged lamps are sold exclusively through our authorized distributors. For more information, e-mail us at docustsrv@sylvania.com) or call 1-888-677-2627.

NEOLUX Rear-Projection TV Replacement Lamps

NEOLUX rear-projection lamps are competitively priced to compete against lower-quality no-name generic lamps currently infiltrating the market. When compared to the corresponding generic lamp types, this new product line provides more light output, longer life, better quality and more even light distribution.  These product attributes add up to a more consistent viewing experience and reduced lamp replacement costs over the life of the television. 


To get more information on P-VIP replacement lamps or find out where to purchase please e-mail us at docustsrv@sylvania.com or call 1-888-677-2627.